Michael Angelo Wyatt,

Born and raised in Los Angeles!
I'm a DJ, Remixer, Producer based in the Gem state of Idaho. I'm also CEO / Founder of Boise After Dark. I have been involved with the music industry, both mainstream and underground for the past 21 years, whether it be on the front lines or behind the scenes, music is my life.

I currently have two music projects that I work under. The first one is my OSA project better known as The Original SiNNeR Angelo that I have been working under for many years now jumping around through many different genres of music, which I decided to stop doing in 2010 and focus that project on my more darker Sin"O"Matic creations of Alternative / Electronica Glitch / Dark Orchestra! Although my OSA project has been my primary project for many years and the somewhat leader of my little success with my darker creations, House music in general has always been a huge part of my life and the real reason why I really chose to pursue a career in the music industry.

From 1996 to some time around 2003, House music was my primary focus. After 7 years in the business and jumping from one DJ alias to another, unable to really find myself, I started to grow an urge to go off and explore with new and different sounds which brought the birth of The Original SiNNeR Angelo in mid 2005. Although this period of my life changed my style of working with music, I've never lost sight of my roots, which of course was House music. As the years would play on, it was very weird mixing my new style of music with my original passion for music. So in the Summer of 2011, I decided to recreate myself with yet another project and go back to my roots and that is how I came about starting the Blaq Dot project. Originally the Blaq Dot project  was just going to simply be an artistic outlet for me to experiment with a wide range of EDM sounds to make the music I love and keeps people moving, but has rapidly begun to emerge into yet another alter-ego that has lately been developing it's own unique and intricate sound!

With the combination of both current and past projects, I've accumulated a rather large discography that I'm very proud of. And from the Spring of 2006 to the Fall of 2017, I have a total of 6 full length albums, 3 mix compilations,
1 E.P. and a long list of remixes and singles going back as far as 1998.

I've never really categorized myself as a specific type of producer, artist or DJ because what I've learned throughout the many years of my career is that if you want to survive in the music business, you have to be able to adapt to all the changes that the industry goes through. And it's these views on the industry that help make my DJ sets such a unique and amazing experience. Being a multi-genre DJ I've picked up on a number of different techniques over the many years of my career from friends and other DJ favorites that I like to incorporate into my sets, no matter what style or genre of music I'm playing.

Keep up to date with both my OSA and  Blaq Dot projects and see where my creativity takes you! Each project has it's own unique style of recording and different genre styles so prepare yourself to explore the sounds of one very dysfunctional SiNNeR! Be sure to check me out on Facebook, Twitter or one of my other networking sites and if you just came for some entertainment, be sure to check out the different social sites that hosts my music to get your fill of all the newest tracks, mixes and score some awesome free downloads as well!